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  • Coffee shop counter shows a collection of cakes

    Singapore - Tiong Bahru, a harmonious blend of old and new

    Tiong Bahru, an Art Deco inspired neighbourhood, blends the old and the new. Traditional businesses, community market and hawker centre harmoniously coexist with trendy boutiques, vanguard eateries, and third wave coffee shops.

  • Inside a coffee shop with brightly coloured wallpaper

    Singapore - a plethora of cafes and eateries around Keong Saik Road

    The Keong Saik Road area is a hive of energy and diversity in Singapore’s blooming food scene and cityscape. Beautiful heritage buildings host a plethora of eateries, bars and co-working spaces that offer a great mixture; old and new, east meets west, locals and expats, upscale and bargain.

  • Outside a coffee shop

    Singapore - around humble, innovative Everton Park

    A handful of independent, creative businesses and immaculately crafted coffee are breathing new life into Everton Park's maze-like, sleepy public housing apartment blocks. Nestled between historic shophouses and modern skyscrapers, walking along the area is like visiting many different eras at once.