A blog about special neighbourhoods, local atmosphere and stellar coffee.

  • A colourful local graffiti


    Known for its unique, off the wall character, Fremont is a Seattle neighbourhood that feels local, quirky and casual. With some unique landmarks, a great food scene and beautiful water views, this is a fun place to explore the quieter central Seattle.

  • Tenby Beach overlooked by a row of colourful houses

    Tenby, a colourful beach haven

    The British coastline is dotted with charming havens, and Tenby really encompasses some of the most beautiful aspects of this; long beaches, quaint harbours, pastel coloured houses, ice creams, and curvy cobblestone streets.

  • A close up of a berry porridge with morning rays of sunshine

    Hotel review - Marski by Scandic, Helsinki

    If breakfast was a reason to return to a hotel, Marski by Scandic would probably be somewhere there on the list. This hotel that feels retro, comfortable and casual at once has become a central core for our short Helsinki trips.

  • Bike in a coffee shop

    Toronto - Six cafes to hangout and indulge

    Toronto is known for its versatile, independent, global food scene. And, as a natural evolution, in recent years the city has taken an invested interest in their coffee too. The revitalised third wave coffee scene and independent roasters mean you are never too far from an excellent cup of joe.

  • People sitting in the sun outside a coffee shop

    Caffeinated Sydney neighbourhoods Surry Hills and Redfern

    Surry Hills and Redfern are two Sydney neighbourhoods with local flair that have become up-to-the-minute hangouts. Neighbouring each other, it is easy to jump from one to another and spend a day eating fresh food, sipping excellent coffees, browsing small shops and strolling around leafy residential streets.

  • People sitting in the sun outside a coffee shop

    Sydney’s Chippendale - neighbourhood of galleries, eateries and creative atmosphere

    Chippendale is Sydney’s upcoming inner-city neighbourhood full of creative vibes. Small galleries, third wave coffee shops and innovative eateries make this urban, industrial infused neighbourhood a tasty, fun day out.

  • People sitting in the sun outside a coffee shop

    Zakynthos - mixture of tourist resorts and charming, relaxed Greek Island life

    Zakynthos is a curious mixture of tacky tourist resorts and the most beautiful aspects of Greek Island life. Although its tourist hubs were out of our style and comfort, the island also offered us a blissed-out week to unwind, swim in the turquoise water and enjoy copious amounts of wine and fresh food.

  • Bike in a coffee shop

    San Diego - hipster enclave North Park

    North Park is a vibrant, creative enclave slightly off the beaten track. A beloved local hangout, the neighbourhood boasts an eclectic array of restaurants, phenomenal coffee, craft beer and indie shop.

  • Coffee shop counter shows a collection of cakes

    Singapore - Tiong Bahru, a harmonious blend of old and new

    Tiong Bahru, an Art Deco inspired neighbourhood, blends the old and the new. Traditional businesses, community market and hawker centre harmoniously coexist with trendy boutiques, vanguard eateries, and third wave coffee shops.

  • People crowding the street enjoying streetfood and beer

    Stellenbosch - Old-world charm and lively atmosphere

    Framed by majestic mountains and vineyards, Stellenbosch boasts a relaxed small-town feel that revolves around wine culture. It also is a renowned university town, offering a perfect balance between old-world charm and lively youthful atmosphere.

  • A baker picking out bread for a customer at a stall

    Old Biscuit Mill, Capetownian Saturday hangout

    Old Biscuit Mill is a beloved hangout for locals and visitors alike. Brimming with stalls of eclectic food and drinks, handcrafted gifts and local art, this is where the creative and gastronomic community of South Africa come together.

  • Inside a coffee shop with brightly coloured wallpaper

    Singapore - a plethora of cafes and eateries around Keong Saik Road

    The Keong Saik Road area is a hive of energy and diversity in Singapore’s blooming food scene and cityscape. Beautiful heritage buildings host a plethora of eateries, bars and co-working spaces that offer a great mixture; old and new, east meets west, locals and expats, upscale and bargain.

  • Outside a coffee shop

    Singapore - around humble, innovative Everton Park

    A handful of independent, creative businesses and immaculately crafted coffee are breathing new life into Everton Park's maze-like, sleepy public housing apartment blocks. Nestled between historic shophouses and modern skyscrapers, walking along the area is like visiting many different eras at once.

  • People sitting in the sun outside a coffee shop

    The trendy, easily strollable trio - Long, Kloof and Bree Streets

    Long Street, Bree Street and Kloof Street are three dynamic streets in the central Cape Town, teeming with independently owned businesses, eclectic eateries and diverse architecture. And the best; this trio hosts an amalgam of terraces to observe streetlife and energetic Capetonian vibes.