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North America

  • A colourful local graffiti


    Known for its unique, off the wall character, Fremont is a Seattle neighbourhood that feels local, quirky and casual. With some unique landmarks, a great food scene and beautiful water views, this is a fun place to explore the quieter central Seattle.

  • Bike in a coffee shop

    Toronto - Six cafes to hangout and indulge

    Toronto is known for its versatile, independent, global food scene. And, as a natural evolution, in recent years the city has taken an invested interest in their coffee too. The revitalised third wave coffee scene and independent roasters mean you are never too far from an excellent cup of joe.

  • Bike in a coffee shop

    San Diego - hipster enclave North Park

    North Park is a vibrant, creative enclave slightly off the beaten track. A beloved local hangout, the neighbourhood boasts an eclectic array of restaurants, phenomenal coffee, craft beer and indie shop.